Automotive Position Sensors

PVI has patented long-life resistive contact and non-contact sensor technologies that have been proven in the automotive sector since 1998.

Contact sensors: are life tested to 2.2 million cycles and validated to all major car manufacturers test specifications. Also, the associated precious metal contact wipers are manufactured for complete sensor assemblies.

Non-contact sensors: are life tested to over 10 million cycles and validated to all major car manufacturers specifications.

ETC and Brake Pedals

PVI started its first ETC pedal programme for North American car manufacturer in 2002. Since then, similar ETC programmes for three more world class car makers have been manufactured and supplied.

PVI’s first non-contact ETC pedal developed for a major UK sports car manufacturer was in 2004..

2009, the first racing style, floor-mounted, non-contact APM and brake pedal package was developed for a UK super-car builder.

In 2014, a modular APM for a further UK sports car manufacturer was developed, with the ability to fit to any platform by only changing mounting pad, arm and sensor. This innovation saved the auto-manufacturer time and reduced their costs significantly.

ETC and Brake Pedals for EV

PVI is currently working with a pioneering, US-based electrical vehicle manufacturer to produce and supply ETC pedal systems for ground-breaking, battery-powered truck models which will launch in 2020.

These pedals have been developed, tested and validated to equivalent specifications to McLaren’s APM and brake pedal system technologies.

Aftermarket ETC Pedal systems

PVI are in a unique position to support any pedal programme. With our own sensor designs and pedal mechanics from over twenty years experience in APM and brake pedal systems, we will work with you to create aftermarket solutions for new and existing platforms.

Recently, we have supported aftermarket programmes for two major automotive manufacturers.

All PVI pedal programmes are already validated to the specifications of the major automotive manufacturers. As part of a proven, high-quality supply chain, PVI are able to offer a fast-turnaround design and manufacture for urgent projects.

Product Life Testing

Plastic Moulding

With over 20 years of quality proven supplier base, PVI can support all plastic moulding requirements.

Endurance Testing

All endurance testing are conducted in house environmental chambers. Using PVI developed test equipment and software.

Vibration Testing

PVI’s in house Vibration test system is capable of testing both high and low frequency test specifications.

Corrosion Testing

All corrosion tests are conducted by 3rd party laboratory for all major automotive test specifications.

Thermal shock Testing

Thermal shock testing are conducted PVI in house environmental chambers to major automotive test specs.

Tooling Management

PVI manages all our customers tooling requirement for moulding, pressing, jigs and fixtures.

Electrical and Visual Testing

Each sensor and pedal manufactured at PVI are final inspected to both electrical and visual specification using PVI built test systems.

Load Testing

Both APM and Brake pedals are load tested in house using PVI built test systems to all major automotive specifications.