Precision Varionic International

The establishment of PVI in the early nineties set new standards of accuracy, repeatability and durability for engine management sensors

PVI is an innovator and proactive problem solver in cost and quality competitive sectors supplying manufactured sensing products to tier 1 and OEM. PVI prides itself in making all efforts to create that unique formulae based on cutting edge development and best leverage of available resources in order to facilitate a platform for competitive differentiation and future growth.

Today PVI products continue to play a key role in billions of miles of driving in every corner of the globe.

PVI is not a branch of some faceless US conglomerate or even an investment by anonymous venture capitalists or equity fund.

The people you'll meet at PVI make the decisions, make the mistakes (rarely), determine the pricing and retain a passion and determination to demonstrate that British innovation, engineering and technology can comfortably hold its place in the premier division of global manufacturing.

Integrated Manufacturing Delivers Lower Costs

  • Own Ink recipes
  • Tooling developed in house, manufactured in China
  • Full in house mechanical and environmental test facility
  • Choice of manufacturing sites

Contacting OR Non Contacting Technologies Available

  • 0.5% track correlation, 0.04% microlinearity
  • Switching contacts, multiple outputs
  • OR
  • Digital processing, 4.5 volt ratiometric output
  • Self compensating system magnetics
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