Precision Varionic International
PVI designs and manufactures automotive position sensors and throttle pedals for some of the world's most iconic marques. Since 1990, in partnership with Bosch, we have delivered zero defect sensors to Fiat, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen and Smart. In 2000 we developed a fully integrated pedal and shipped more than one million pieces annually to Ford in the USA. (Explorer, Mustang, Lincoln Town Car, Taurus, Expedition). In addition PVI supplied to Hyundai for the Sonata and Santa Fe. For General Motors, we delivered two model ranges for the Australian Holden subsidiary. In Europe Mclaren and Aston Martin are important customers as are SAIC in Shanghai. Today several new vehicle platforms are approaching PPAP stage.

But how did it all begin?

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In 1996 PVI supplied the first Drive by Wire Sensor to Bosch Automotive for Electronic Throttle Control for use in BMW 12 cylinder engines. Up to 12 million sensors were supplied. This remains in current production with E Gas system now being employed in large trucks.
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From 1998 until the present day PVI has supplied over fourteen variants of Accelerator Pedal Module (APM) sensors to Bosch Automotive for end customers VW, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Opel and Daimler Chrysler. To date more than 20 million have been supplied.
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In 2002 PVI was awarded a million piece per annum programme for Ford North America covering Lincoln Town Car, Explorer, Navigator, Escape and Mustang.
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In 2003 PVI was awarded the GM Holden, Australia vehicle platforms delivering more than 100,000 pieces annually.
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In 2004 PVI was awarded the Aston Martin APM program for V8 Vantage, V12 Vantage, DBS and DB9 platforms using non contacting sensor technology.
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In 2006 as a result of technology transfer from Rover Group to Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), PVI was awarded the Rover APM platform which to date is still manufactured in UK and shipped to China in small quantities.
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In 2008 PVI was awarded the SAIC APM programme for NMC small car in China. PVI currently manufactures product in China as a strategic policy to enter the China market as an entity from 2013.
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In 2008/9 PVI was awarded a programme in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to supply VW on a direct OEM basis. A manufacturing facility to produce these parts has been established on the outskirts of Sao Paolo, Final product testing is underway in Wolfsburg, Germany.
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In 2009 PVI was awarded its first floor mounted APM, this time including the brake pedal and pedal box for Mclaren Road Car.
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In 2010 PVI developed an entirely new concept in Fuel Level Sensing providing zero wear and isolation from all fuel contaminents. This is presently still under test.
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In 2012 PVI developed a ground breaking Zero Idle Drift (ZID) resistive circuit keeping electrical function characteristics unchanged regardless of varying wear, temperature and humidity changes on the resistive element.
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Also in 2012, PVI was awarded the new Shanghai Automotive Vehicle platform which will conclude a joint manufacturing agreement with MMDS in Shenzen, China which includes an enabling agreement for a future joint China company.