Precision Varionic International
Current Product Offer
Packaged Sensors
PVI manufactured sensors have already proved their pedigree in literally millions of miles of rugged driving. Functionally reliable and sensibly priced, they are selected by automotive designers, where endurance and performance cannot be compromised.
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14 variants manufactured by PVI on in-house full automation line based in Swindon (UK).
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All ink variations are fully qualified before release to production.
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4 Switch track versions manufacture i to Accelerator Pedals by Robert Bosch and supplied to OPEL (GM) in Europe
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Twin track versions manufactured in to Gas Pedals by Robert Bosch and supplied to Mercedes (MCC, IVECO), Fiat (PUNTO, LANCIA), VW, Nissan and TATA.
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>15 million FPM sensors supplied by PVI since SOP.
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FPM Sensor suppliers to Robert Boshc PVI (since 1999) and German competitor (since 2001).
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Various other packaged sensors are produced for different automotive positions.